I help farm wives live authentically,
 using simple tools to live with stability, 
while creating a home that is flexible, inviting, and has a love of learning. 
Even if the farm is struggling

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Join the FREE Thriving Through Farm Loss: Wife's Support Network. This community is for the farm wife looking to live authentically, support her family and husband even in the toughest of farming times.

Embark on a journey of resilience, growth, and authenticity with a community dedicated to supporting wives navigating the challenges of farm life, especially during times of uncertainty. In this safe and nurturing space, we understand the unique struggles that come with managing a family farm, financial pressures, and the desire to create a thriving home.
In the heart of the fields and the midst of life's trials, this is a sanctuary crafted for the incredible women who navigate the joys and challenges of farm life. As a farm wife, you are the backbone of your homestead, and I’m here to nurture your resilience and empower you to thrive authentically.
This community offers the resources + community you need to help get started on your journey and prepare for whatever future you envision. 

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Join the FREE Natural Wellness Community: Supporting Your Family Naturally From the Inside Out for food group! This community is for the Mommas, looking  to Support Your Family from Nature for Wellness. 

Tips range from nutrition, herbals, detoxing, natural cleaning, and essential oils. Basically all the things I’ve learned slowly over the past 5+ years if my journey. 

We have moved off Facebook, so to better serve our community and be able to discuss openly option for providing for your family in the best way possible. 

About Me
I am a farmer's wife, daughter, and mamma to three outdoor loving kids. I love animals, gardening, and the outdoors. I don't spend a whole lot of time inside in the summer andand spend all winter dreaming of summer. 

My journey into the world of farm business, debt, and trying to save the family farm began after the birth of my second. At the same time, I started staying home with the kids. Money was tight. My hobby garden became a primary source of food along with the animals we raised. My health was wrecked from the stress, and we still liquidated 4 years later. 

Along my journey I have learned to care for myself so I can support and care for the family I love. You can do that too! You can be healthy and calm even in the storm of farm loss. I can help you navigate the journey, so you get there faster too. 

Free Resources
Free downloadable resources just for you! From gardening and chickens, to wellness and pregnancy. Get the tips I've learned in the past free so you don't make the same mistakes I did on my journey.
The Next Step to Organizing and Streamlining Your Life
Available on Amazon!
A planner designed specifically for the homestead! Including, monthly calendar overview, daily schedule, task, and to-do lists, and bonus spring and fall ready check lists! Also included are most of the pages from the organizer. Smaller size for 2023 to make it easier to fit in a purse  

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2024 Now 
For the writer and journalist! Have a space dedicated to recording your thoughts along your journey.

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Organize and track your income and expenses for your garden, animals and home to help you direct your journey in self-sufficiency.
Also available in kindle download.

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Courses with Community!
Life is crazy, right? Don't worry though I've got a few easy buttons for you to take advantage of. I've done the digging, now you can easily learn.

Starting a garden can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Here are the tips I have learned to make gardening easy, productive, and fun.

I start at the beginning of planning your garden, then starting seeds, seasonal to do list, and preserving recipes for the most popular garden plants.

You are ready for a baby but you want to make sure your body is prepared to grow a baby. How do you know what your body needs? What decisions do you need to make? When do you need to decide by? What questions do you need to ask? 

This quick course will get you the tools you need to have a naturally healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

My first pregnancy I had a normal western medicine all the things pregnancy. My second? I flipped to completely natural, no medicine. 

BONUS: Preventing Preeclampsia without the Aspirin & Healing from Birth Trauma
My Favorite Things
My favorites for subscriptions, and around the farm and home. 

The Family Farm
76 Cattle & Bear Creek Farms
Two youngins just running the family farm and living the dream!

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