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Natural Wellness Community: Supporting Your Family Naturally From the Inside Out community!!

This community is for the Mommas, looking  to Support Your Family from Nature for Wellness. 

Tips range from nutrition, herbals, detoxing, natural cleaning, and essential oils. Basically all the things I’ve learned slowly over the past 5+ years if my journey. 

We have moved off Facebook, so to better serve our community and be able to discuss openly option for providing for your family in the best way possible. 

In order to keep everyone safe in the group, I do ask for contact information. See you on the inside!

Meet Cassandra Row


I am a farmer's daughter, farmers wife, and mamma to three outdoor loving kids. I love horses, gardening, the outdoors, and activities. I don't spend a whole lot of time inside in the summer, and spend all winter dreaming of summer. My favorite question has always been why. 

My journey to self-sufficiency started after the birth of my second, when my hobby garden became a primary source of food. Every year since I’ve added something, either a new vegetable, fruit, or animal.  It all started with a humble garden and the desire to feed my family.

I love teaching others what I have learned. Every momma needs some help right? Everyone should be thriving, not just surviving. I love helping others find a different way to their answers, and thriving. 

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