My Favorite Subscriptions

Primal Life

After the cinnamon discovery I had to find a new toothpaste too đŸ˜” Lucky I found this recommendation and love it. It’s mineral based and a powder instead of paste. The kids ended up liking it and it’s way easier to get just the right amount đŸ˜‰Another bonus is the powder actually helps to remineralize your teeth as well as clean them!

Young Living
When people think Young Living, they often think essential oils. But Young Living has so much more! It is the one stop my house hold needs for cleaning, personal hygiene, supplements, essential oils, and more!

My regular orders currently include Ningxia and thieves products. In the past it’s been shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste, supplements, and oils. 
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Azure Standard
For those hard to buy local special and bulk items, Azure Standard has been my go to. I don't order every month, but closer to quarterly. This is where I buy all my bulk pantry supplies.

Look up a drop site close to you, start filling your cart and check out when your ready to buy. Pro tip after your order processes, you can start filling for the next order. You can also check out ahead and keep adding before the cut off.


Roots Apothecary

In my recent health journey, I had to cut down and eliminate my daily coffee intake. {Gasp}! It was not easy as I love coffee! But I found Roots Apothecary and decided to give it a try! 

It tastes more like hot cocoa than coffee, but gives me that special morning cup without the coffee or cinnamon I was used to. They use mushrooms and adaptive herbs to bring a tasty flavor to your morning cup without the caffeine crashes and jitters.

Use the link below with code CASSANDRAROW for 40% off your first order!


After discovering a cinnamon sensitivity, I had to find a new laundry and dishwasher soap. Thankfully I found DROPPS! No junk and easy for the kids to use. We use the sensitive skin baby soap, oxi booster (for the dirty diapers and farm clothes), and dishwasher detergent.

Tapping Solution
Hands down the biggest thing that has helped in my healing journey. It seems weird at first, but it really does work, from sleep, to anxiety, to hormones, to stress. Leaning to tap has helped me with all of them.


Thrive Market
For those hard to buy local special items, Thrive market has been my go to. My monthly regulars include dried fruit (without the extra sugar) and veggie noodles!