A Tribe? Yes You Need One!

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘find your tribe’, but what does it actually mean? Is it really that important? It means finding the people who understand you, the people you can be real and raw with, the people who support you and lift you up. Yes it is that important for you to find your tribe. Why? Simple answer support. Let me share a story with you, then I’ll give you some tips on finding your tribe. 


There was a church with several young new couples who had started to attend. One of those couples decided they wanted to get to know the other couples better and maybe start a small group study. Five couples began meeting, at first for game night, then bible study. It took about a year of meeting together, but those couples began to be comfortable enough with each other, they could be vulnerable. What that group didn’t realize in the winter of 2015, was how much they would need each other in the following year. 


After one tearful night when hearts were laid open over the topic of pregnancy and the frustrations with people asking “WHEN”? Those women bonded. In the course of the next year, each of those couples would have a child, there would be 3 miscarriages, and one very scary NICU stay. After each of those miscarriages, those women leaned into each other, prayed with each other, supported each other, loved each other, and kept pointing them back.  They celebrated with each pregnancy and birth. They cared for and prayed hard and visited during that NICU stay. 


Those families grew even closer, during that time. Without those women in my life I would have crumbled that year and the year following. The years 2016/2017 proved to be some of the most emotionally difficult years for me to date. Did I grow? Oh yes! But not without the help of those women who have become my tribe. We still lean on each other, pray for each other, fight FOR each other, love each other, and do life together. 2020 has not been an easy year for any of us either.


So how do you find your tribe? First get out there and meet people! Find groups with similar interests and get to know the people in them. Facebook is an excellent place to meet people with similar interests. Just search Facebook for a hobby or interest. I have a group for women working towards internal healing, called Empowered Healing Women. Once you find people you understand and they understand you, continue to meet with them, start doing life with them. Pray for each other, ask how each other is doing. Finally, do not hide. Be vulnerable. Ask the hard questions, and answer them too!


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