8 Natural Sleep Support Tips for Adults


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As adults we all seem to struggle with sleep occasionally. However, sometimes those short spells seem to go on forever. How do you help yourself get a good night's sleep? 

The first thing you can do for yourself, is to keep your own routine. Routine is stressed for kids, but as adults we also benefit from a bedtime routine. Routine helps your body and brain recognize that it is time to wind down and get ready for sleep. As busy parents, often this routine is interrupted by kids needing things or that last minute calls you forgot about. A loose routine is good to get started anyway.


As part of your routine, start putting the devices (phones/tablets/computers) down earlier. The blue light that is emitted from these devices tells our brains to wake up, instead of allowing the brain to start slowing down for sleep. Similar to how daylight signals wake up, but darkness signals sleep. One thing that really helped me recently was to start keeping my phone out of my room. Even though it was on DO NOT DISTURB, it would still keep me up. Or I would be constantly checking on that one thing I forgot about and never go to sleep. 


When you are really struggling to wind down, you can drink a warm tea of lavender or valerian. Both of these herbs help to calm the mind and body, which allows you to begin the process of sleeping. My favorite premixed blend is Get Relaxed tea, by The Republic of Tea. 


If you are struggling with stress or anxiety that will not let your mind rest, magnesium CALM powder often gives the body what it needs to relax. Stress depletes your body of magnesium, which can trigger more stress or anxiety.  By giving your body the magnesium it is lacking it can naturally break the cycle and allow your brain to calm and sleep. 


In the bedroom, adjusting the environment can help you sleep better. Cooler room temperatures can help you sleep better. The cooler temperature helps to signal your body it is time to sleep. Your body's temperature naturally drops at night, which is why your metabolism rate slows down at night and you spend less energy. 


Weighted blankets can help calm you down and let you sleep. You can even find them with cooling cells so you don’t get as hot. You can find weighted blankets anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds. Proper weight guidelines for a weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight. I love cooling the room down and piling the quilts on for the weight that cuddles me in. 


Having a properly fitted pillow is near essential for a good night’s sleep. Having your neck and spine aligned helps you to sleep well and wake refreshed, without the sore muscles and achy joints. 


My final tip for a good night's sleep is diffusing essential oils. Watch your oil sources here. Walmart essential oils is not going to cut it. Those are NOT pure essential oils contrary to what the label says. FDA does not regulate the essential oils well, so a bottle with even ONE drop of pure essential oil, and the rest filler and chemical, and still be labeled pure. I only trust the company with the Seed to Seal Promise (you can check out more about that here). My favorite oils for diffusing at night are LavenderCedarwoodBergamotPeace and Calming, and Stress Away. I will often mix 3 drops of Cedarwood, bergamot and Stress Away and turn the diffuser on low 20 minutes before bed so the room is full of the oils. 


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