Whole Food Cooking Made Easy

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What is whole cooking, besides a recent health trend? Whole cooking is cooking with food that is as close to nature as possible. It is cooking without preservatives, boxes, and processed foods. That means no more boxes ready made, hamburger helper meals. How do you make quick last minute meals?!? Don’t fret, read to the end for two of my favorite go to quick, whole food meals. 


The biggest tip to whole cooking is to have ingredients ready and on hand. Keeping foods like frozen or fresh vegetables on hand, potatoes, rice (NOT instant rice), dried beans, meat, eggs, olive oil, fresh and dehydrated fruits, and your favorite herbs and spices. Make sure to check the meat label, especially ground meat. 


Buy local if possible. During the recent pandemic a bill was slipped through allowing food processors to change and add ingredients and fillers to stretch the food. AKA your meat could have dyes, soy protein or fake meat mixed in. It is well worth it just for the meat to buy a freezer and buy an entire side or quarter from a local producer. Saves you money in the long run and you have fresh 100% beef/lamb/pork, that you can be sure of. 


Meal planning is essential to make meals easier. Plan your meals and prep all the ingredients at once if you can. Need carrots multiple days? Chop them all up on the first recipe and store them in water in the fridge. You can also make simple meals and freeze them in a casserole pan for later use when you are entirely too busy to cook at all. 


My favorite, oh crap we stayed outside too long and now everyone is hangry, meals are skillet dinners or rice bowls. Both are very versatile and quick to make. You make them to your flavor or seasoning like and bam! Dinner is ready! I use taco seasoning a lot, and Italian herbs. I make my own taco seasoning so it is easy to use. You can find that recipe here. Italian herbs I use include basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper. Add each to your preferred taste. 


Potato Skillet

1-2 pounds of ground meat (beef/lamb/pork)

Potatoes (one per person roughly)

1 package of frozen veggies

Herbs and spices of choice


Brown the beef, add the potatoes and vegetables. Cook until potatoes are tender, add herbs/spices. Stir and serve!



Rice Bowl

1-2 pounds ground meat (beef/lamb/pork)

1 package frozen vegetables

Herbs and spices of choice (love Bragg Aminos sauce)

Rice - cook in rice cooker


Brown meat. Add vegetables and seasonings. Serve over rice. 





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