One thing the birth 'experts' are getting wrong

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If you would talk to most birth professionals, especially if you live in the state of Nebraska or Arkansas, they will tell you it is a risky thing and needs to be handled in a hospital. The truth is most of the time birth is safe and natural. Yes there are risks. Yes things can go wrong, but for the majority of women, birth is a low risk, natural process. 

Many times when we start messing with the natural process that is when we see issues. We see this a lot in animals. If you will allow me to use them as an example. Animals go where they feel comfortable and safe. They know that they are at their most vulnerable point during birth and they find a place they can be safe. If that spot is disrupted, by say a predator or human, oftentimes the birth process will stall or halt all together. 

Why do we think as humans we are so different when it comes to the birth process? There are so many parts to birth and each step triggers the next. Even professionals don’t completely understand the hormonal intricacies of the process and how all the loops work together. We know the baby communicates with the mother’s body as to what is needed and when something is too much, but we don’t completely understand how that all works. 

What we do know is that if one step is disrupted, the others compensate. In the medical setting when outside forces are injected into the process to force things along, we start to see issues. There is no natural feedback loop telling the machine to lower the dose, ease up, and the baby needs more time. This is where things can become dicey and external monitoring is needed. 

It wasn’t until the mid 20th century that birth became a hospital procedure. Prior to that midwives attended the mothers in the comfort of their own homes and assisted if needed. In the 20th century the introduction of narcotics and anesthesia during birth were introduced, and thus birth moved to the hospital. 

What happens if instead a mother does what an animal would do? Instead of going to the hospital where there are unfamiliar noises, disruptions, monitoring, what if she stayed home? Like women did many years ago? Chances are most births would be just fine. Labor would progress as it should and everything would be much more peaceful. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad there are hospitals near for the incase emergencies that do happen. But truth be told, that should be the hospitals roll. Emergency life saving care, not necessarily the normal uncomplicated birth. 

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