If your reading this, Hi. I’m a farmer’s wife and a momma of a little boy and 2 little girls, in rural Nebraska. I grew up on a small farm on the Kansas boarder with all sisters. My husband and I now farm with his family, have a small custom feedlot, horses, dogs, and sheep. I still help my parents since we are so close. 

I love the farm life and being able to raise my children here. Life has given me the opportunities to learn and grow as well. Several years ago, I learned how to be my own advocate in all aspects of my life. Since then I have learned the importance of nutrition and preventative health. 

I have always loved the question of WHY?!?!? There is always a reason in life, sometimes God chooses to not tell us, but I still wonder. Pursuing the answers to many of my WHYS, has led me to find the root cause of problems as well as how to prevent other issues from arising. 

I love to grow a huge garden! My favorite part? Sharing the harvest with others. I have also come to enjoy making the most of the 3 acres our home sits on. Which has resulted in me being very intentional with what I plant and what adventures I take on. Everything must have a purpose! And be easy to maintain once established…

What I’ve come to realize recently is this passion of my is basic homesteading! I was blessed to not have started completely from scratch, but we have taken our 3 acres a long way and continue to improve it. My dream is to grow most of our own food!

This blog will be a collection of things I have learned along my journey and why they are important. You know, so you don’t have to learn them yourself, you can learn from me 😊 I plan to start with the basics, growing a garden, why nutrition is so important, cattle adventures, sheep adventures, and continue from there. 

Look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I often wish I could have grown up on a farm. I've always loved animals & love the peeks into your life.

    I too have asked why? since I've been little. If only I would have had the internet. I was told to go look it up in the encyclopedia, which I did. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.
  2. You are a Super Woman. I love being a part of your adventure.
  3. Jeanette Mohrmann  03/04/2020 08:37 PM Central
    I'm enjoying your writing. It will be fun to hear how the gardening is going and how the little lambs are doing! I’ll be anxious to hear what you have learned about gardening and health!

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