The Crazy Idea Happening

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For the planning stages of this crazy idea check out the blog post: The Crazy Chick Idea.

Now where to get the chicks? I talked to another friend and they got their chicks from Cackle Hatchery. They shipped to you as well! I looked it up, at this point I was back to I don’t really know what I want for the price I could afford. She recommended a Surprise Box, if you’re not picky about what you want. Remember my primary goal? Bug control. As long as they were eating bugs, the eggs are a side bonus. She was also willing to let me buy some of her guinea chicks she was getting at the end of June.

I hopped on the sight and found the earliest I could get a Surprise Box was JULY! I finally had my coop, I didn’t want to wait until June/July to fill it. So I got 10 chicken chicks from Orschlens to start and experiment with on May 22nd. The kids enjoyed picking them out and I can barely keep my daughter out of the coop.

For a brooder box, I used an old kiddy pool the dogs had poked a hole in and put old shirts on the floor to prevent slipping. We then used wood shavings from the wood planer. If it was colder we definitely would need something with bigger sides to help trap the heat. I plan on using a large cardboard box for the next ones, since they will be day old when they arrive. I had a heat lamp and bulb from when we cleaned out an old barn. You can also get the heat lamp on amazon here and bulbs here

We lost one of the little chicks at the end of May, and we had a dog mishap middle of June, all others look healthy and are eating quite well. They have some of their adult feathers, are enjoying their outside pen and eating kitchen scraps. The dogs are the next question as the older one is obsessive over the chickens. 

The guineas should be arriving next week. The chicks will be in the pen by then, and possibly starting into the yard. The Surprise Box will arrive at the end of July and the guineas should be transitioning to the pen by then, and the chickens in the yard. I’m excited for the staggering of the chicks coming in to give me a chance to figure it out. Stay tuned for updates!

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