What is the Biggest Mistake in Homesteading?

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The biggest mistake I see beginners make when starting their homesteading journey is biting off more than they can chew. Don’t get me wrong, I know how exciting it is and all the things you want to do. But just breath one minute with me. 


Start slow. That doesn’t mean only one thing per year, but one or two things at a time. The problem when you start a huge garden, get the chickens, milking goat, sheep, pig, and maybe a calf is you are easily overwhelmed and can get lost. When this happens, you don’t do anything well. 


Start with a garden of manageable size, but have space planned to expand. Start with common veggies and herbs your family uses. Plan for growing for your own consumption and some canning. Maybe not a full year’s worth, but a start. Once you feel like you have a good handle on those plants, add more. 


Start with one animal. Especially if you don’t have much previous animal experience. Barn cats and a dog is easy and universal care, as far as town vs country care. Chickens/ducks are also fairly easy as far as care and learning goes. Once you feel comfortable with the first animal, then add the next. That can be a couple months after the first animal. 


Animals are one that is easy to add multiple per year, depending on the kind and how much self-repopulating you want to do. Birds have a short cycle from birth to reproduction, thus easy to start with. Goats is another popular homesteading animal as they can provide milk, and meat. They do require more care and much better fence. But are easy to add into a homestead. 


The biggest take away is don’t get everything right away. Space it out, allowing yourself to adjust to the increase in chores and care. Giving yourself time to learn about each. This will help you to avoid burn out. 



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