The Reason Why Everyone Is Obsessing About Gut Health

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First off gut health? What in the world is that? Simply put gut health is the overall balance of your digestive system. 


Is your digestive system breaking down and absorbing food as it should be? How do you know if it is not? Common signs of an unbalanced digestive system include: gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, skin irritations, some autoimmune conditions, food intolerances, allergies, sleep disturbances or constant fatigue, and unintentional weight changes. 


Why is it important to care for the gut? Besides to avoid the above reasons, 70% of your immune system is in your gut. That means your gut is the front line for invaders that make it into the body. Hippocrates stated “All disease begins in the gut,” and many have seemed to have forgotten how important gut health is to the overall body.  


Did you know one of the keys to taking care of your gut is to take care of the good bacteria that live there? There are anywhere from 300-500 different species of bacteria living in your gut. Germ-a-phobes do NOT worry! These bacteria are good and are important for helping your body break down your food. Interesting note on bacteria. One of the most important parts of ruminant nutrition I was taught in graduate school was to first feed the bacteria, then the animal. The bacteria literally feed the animals. Humans, while we have different stomachs and digestive tracts, still need to take care of the bacteria in our guts as well. 


What can you do to care for your gut? Limit processed foods and sugars, especially refined sugars like corn syrup. These increase the inflammation in the body, and upset the bacteria balance, feeding yeast and increasing sugar cravings. 


Second, lower your stress levels. I know, easier said than done. However, taking the time once a week to slow down and relax will help your body out immensely. Meditate, do yoga, go golfing, take a trail ride, whatever helps you unwind and relax. 


Third and fourth, I talked about earlier, so I’ll let you go back and read them in detail.  Get the right amount of quality of sleep and stay hydrated. These two things have a huge impact on more than just gut health. They improve the entire body function. 


Fifth, feed the good bacteria. Start taking a prebiotic, feeds the bacteria, or probiotic, replenishes the bacteria. You can also consume fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha (drink actually) to your diet. 


Sixth, cleanse the gut. At least once a year do a cleanse. This helps to reset your gut. I do a colon cleanse in the fall at least once a year. This helps clear the junk that has been accumulating. The first time I did a cleanse I was skeptical. I was regular, I didn’t have food issues, but I did know I was off and my colon hurt (turns out this was actually scar adhesion pain). I was also 1 year postpartum, still not feeling right, and was done settling for “normal” whatever that is. I was on a quest for optimum and the colon was the first place to start. 


Post cleanse, I realized just how much my gut was holding. Those extra few pounds I could not lose after the baby was gone. The pudge of bloating I had no idea I had was gone too. The most surprising came that spring and summer, when my apple trees blooming no longer caused me to sniffle and sneeze and the sunflowers no longer caused my eyes to water and my nose to plug! 


Who is up for a cleanse? Let me know and I’ll help you get started! My fall cleanse time is coming up soon. 


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