Prevent Vs React Technique That Changed My Life

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Prevent vs React, sounds strange. How about offence vs defense? Sounds more familiar? What does this have to do with your health? Turns out a lot. Our bodies and nature are in constant motion. Laws of nature dictate that energy is required to maintain order. If you let nature happen, without inputting any energy, life or your body will decay. 


If you think about it in sports terms, is it easier to be on the offense side, commanding the game, or on the defense side, working to get to the offense? The offense of course! So why do we not do this with our own health? Perhaps because you do not know where to start. Let me help you! Take charge of your health, move your life to thriving, and decrease illness. Build your body up. 


Step one in building your body up is to feed your body well. If you give your body what it needs, most of the time it is very good at healing and defending itself. Make sure you are consuming the proper amount of vitamins and minerals (this includes the trace minerals). Many people are actually deficient in many trace minerals, even in wealthy countries. Our processed food is lacking in many of these trace minerals, and the vitamins are also lacking. Our store bought food is also lacking enzymes it naturally has fresh that help our bodies break food down for better digestion. Unless you are eating it straight out of the garden. Enzymes are very fragile and easily destroyed. It Is well worth investing in an enzyme supplement and vitamin/mineral supplement. If you need help finding an effective supplement message me, I’d be glad to help you. I talked more about food earlier in You are What you Eat. 


Step two, decrease your sugar! I have talked about this one a lot. I will also be the first to admit I need to decrease my sugar intake. I am good at minimizing my kid’s sugar intake, but my own? HA! After they go to sleep, I take my peanut butter, and some vanilla, a heaping scoop of sugar, and maybe a handful of chocolate chips and enjoy my mini-flourless helping of cookie dough. In all seriousness though, sugar fights the immune system and increases inflammation in the body. 


Step three, use nature to aid your body when needed. Herbal teas and blends do wonders for the body when it needs the extra boost. This is especially easy if you like hot teas. Plus a hot tea, with a little honey when you feel ill, is extremely soothing. 


Step four, piggy-backs off step three. If you are not a big tea drinker, you can use essential oils. I apply these daily to myself and my kids. CAUTION you must know your source to ensure they are truly pure and have the correct properties and are the correct frequency to give the desired results. Again, contact me if you would like some help here. Essential oils are much like herbs, except much more concentrated. This means you need less to do the same job as the herbs would do. I have an entire group to help you learn how to use essential oils and how to dilute for SAFE use with children. 


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