What Supplements Should You be Taking?

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What is a personal routine you have? Routines change over the course of time and life. As your life changes, you have to change your routine with the new circumstances. 

My routine before children was much different than it was when I am pregnant, which is different than it was with one child, or two children. Life demands that you change. You have to adapt or you break. One of my favorite lines came from a training for camp counselors: “Blessed are the Flexible for they shall not break.”

So what is one of my routines? I am going to share with you my personal supplement routine, as that one is the most consistent. First I am a terrible pill/supplement taker. If I can drink it, or apply, or eat it, I am much more likely to stick with it. 

Much of my supplements come in the form of essential oils, they fall into the apply or drink category. I have selected my routine based on imbalances I tend to have in my body: My digestive and toxin elimination systems. 

First, Ningxia Red. So many things to say about this one, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. It is a powerhouse of nutrition in a 2 ounce drink. I like to mix mine with a little Lemon Vitality essential oil or Grapefruit Vitality essential oil, and some Lacroix for an afternoon ‘soda’. Both my kids beg for this drink as well. 

At night, I apply Digize essential oil over my intestines. Why? Because I tend to swing from constipation to diarrhea very quickly, even when I am eating clean and avoiding my food sensitivities. Digize helps to keep my system regular and my colon eliminating the build up. I also apply Endoflex essential oil over my liver at night. Why? Endoflex helps to support liver function (your primary detoxer) and hormone balance. 

Remember when I said I had imbalances in my toxin removal/digestive systems? If the colon is not removing the toxins from the body (ie. pooping), those toxins your liver worked so hard to get rid of are reabsorbed. This is why I focus on supporting both of these systems as they work so closely together. 

Also in my nightly lineup is Progessence Plus. This is a serum that helps to boost progesterone levels in the body. It comes from wild yam extract. This is one that I stop using in the second trimester of pregnancy. Why? By then the placenta is producing enough progesterone an additional progesterone boost is not usually needed. 

As far as actual supplements (pill form)? I regularly (not usually every day, as I forget) is Super B, to boost my vitamin B levels. Essentialzyme, to help break down and digest food. Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder formula, because I don’t have a gallbladder which greatly affects my ability to digest some foods and break down potential allergies. 

Others that I use regularly? Harmony essential oil. Not really sure how this one works honestly, but I have found if I apply it over my uterus my mood stays so much more balanced over the day. Clary SageLady SclareolSclaressence essential oils. These I use only during certain times in my cycle, when I tend to be a little dry and need an estrogen boost to get in the mood. Caution! Use extreme caution with these three when you are pregnant. All three of these are estrogen booster, which can bring on labor if your body is close. 

Tell me about your routine! Have questions? Ask me!

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