How to Make the Most of your Garden in Winter: The winter To-Do list
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Even though winter is here and it's cold outside, that doesn't mean your garden has to be dormant. With careful planning and a little bit of effort, there are still plenty of things you can do in the garden this winter. From trimming roses and berry bushes to ordering seeds and starting seedlings, there are lots of ways to get your garden ready for spring. Let’s explore some of the best winter gardening tasks so you can make the most of your garden this winter! 
Trim Roses and Berry Bushes 
If you have roses or berry bushes in your garden, now is the perfect time to prune them back. Pruning roses helps stimulate new growth and encourages better blooms during their next flowering period. To prune roses, start by cutting off any dead branches or stems that appear blackened or shriveled. Be sure to use clean shears when trimming—this will help reduce the spread of disease among plants. As for berry bushes like blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry plants, you'll want to wait until they've gone completely dormant before pruning them back. This will help ensure they produce vigorous new growth in the spring. 
Order Seeds 
With winter being a slower season in terms of gardening tasks, it's a great time to plan out what types of seeds you'll be planting come springtime. Now is the perfect time to order seeds online or pick up packets at your local nursery or home improvement store. Take into account what did well last year as well as what didn’t perform as expected—this way you can adjust accordingly for this upcoming growing season! Be sure to read each packet carefully so you understand how long it will take for these particular seeds to germinate and grow as well as which type of soil works best for each plant type.  
Start Seeds Indoors 
If you want an even earlier start on the gardening season – or if there are certain plants that don’t grow well in your area – why not try starting your own seeds indoors? Tomatoes and peppers are two popular choices but there are many other vegetables (and even flowers) that can be started indoors. It may seem intimidating at first but it really isn’t that difficult once you get into it. All you need is some fresh potting soil, containers (preferably biodegradable), light fixtures with grow lights if necessary, and patience!  
Fertilize Garden & Fill Raised Beds  
Now is also a great time to give your garden beds some extra love by spreading compost over them or fertilizer if needed, if you didn’t already do that in the fall. You can also use this opportunity to fill raised beds with soil if they settled after harvest last season. Adding compost or fertilizer will help replenish essential nutrients in the soil so that when spring arrives your soil will be ready for planting!  
There's no need for gardens—and gardeners—to hibernate all winter! As you can see, there is still plenty of work for gardeners during the winter months! From trimming bushes and ordering seeds to fertilizing beds and starting plants indoors – all these tasks will help prepare your garden for springtime. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just getting started with gardening basics this winter season is a great opportunity for moms and beginner gardeners alike get ahead on their spring plans! So, grab yourself a warm cup of tea (or cocoa!) and get started on tackling those winter garden to-dos today! Happy gardening! 

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