What is wellness?
Wellness is a trendy term, but what does it really mean? Most hear wellness and think absence of illness. Sounds great right!?? But really not practical. At some point we will experience illness. It is part of life. Even if you place yourself in a sanitized bubble, bacteria, virus, and germs will somehow find a way in. 

So what is wellness then? Wellness is a balance. It is living complete physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Health is a state of being healthy, wellness is a life balance. 

How do you pursue wellness? The simple answer it to take care of your body and be aware of your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual state. Live a life of balance, reducing stress, feeding your body wholesome nutrition, stimulating your mind,

It sounds so simple, but yet complex. The best way to start is one piece at a time. If your physical health is lacking, start by finding natural solutions to the root cause. Get good nutrition, not junk food. Your body stressed? Try yoga, massage, essential oils. Needing a mental challenge? Find something you enjoy to research or do a puzzle. Move your body, get outside. Find people you relate to and enjoy being around. 

Be aware of your mental state. What are your thoughts telling your mind? Are your thoughts negative? Consciously make the decision to correct the negative and make the though positive. Choose to find the positives and blessings every day. Use essential oils to help stimulate the positive emotions. Get some sunshine and soak up God's amazing diffuser outside. 

Ultimately, wellness is not an instant thing. It is a process and journey to become. It is learning to find the balance and shift without falling out of balance. It is finding peace and living a life in a state of thriving, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, not just surviving.

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