How to can corn salsa.
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I love growing my own food. Part of growing all the food is not only eating it fresh in the summer, but preserving it for winter use. One vegetable we use a lot of is sweet corn! I love to make the sweet corn into corn salsa for use in recipes or a simple chip dip. Depending on time of year and schedules, sometimes I just freeze the corn and come back to make salsa later. For freezing corn see the blog post here. 

You will need:
Canning jars
Canning lids
Canning rings
Jar Funnel
Long spatula or knife
Big Stock pot

Sweet corn
Jalapenos pepper
Poblano pepper
Red onion

I usually take the recipe times 6 to fill my pots. 

Step 1. Remove the kernels from 6 ears of corn. This is about 1 quart bag if you're using frozen corn. Place in a large stock pot.

Step 2. Chop 2 pounds (approximately 2 large tomatoes) and add to the stock pot. I like to use this handy dicer I found or a food processor to make the work faster. 

Step 3. Dice 1 jalapeno, 1 poblano pepper, and 1 red onion. Add to the stock pot. Many times I’ll chop them as I harvest and freeze them as shown. Then I can just dump the peppers in the pot as I go.

Step 4. Add 2 cloves garlic, 2t cilantro (double if using fresh), 2t cumin, 2t salt, 1 c sugar, 1 c vinegar. Add all to the stock pot.

Step 5. Bring the stock pot to boil then simmer for 15 minutes.

Step 6. Pack the jars leaving ½ inch head space.

Step 7. De-Bubble. This step is very important!
Slide a long spatula along the edge of the jar 2-3 times to remove any trapped air bubbles.

If an air bubble is trapped and not removed your jar could explode in the canner.

Step 8. Wipe the rims and attach lids. Rinse the, one time use, canning lids in hot water. This is new compared to older lids which you needed to boil first. Then set them on the jar and attach the rings down as tight as you can. 

If you are using reusable lids you will want to boil the seals and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. I purchased some from Tattler at

Step 9. Place jars in a hot water bath and place lid on. Bring to boil and process for 25 minutes. 

Step 10. Remove jars from the hot water bath and allow to cool completely. Check the lids to make sure the jars are sealed. Remove rings, label and store. For one time use lids, the bubble should be down and not pop up. For reusable lids, gently pick them up by the lid (it's terrifying the first few times), if the lid holds, the seal is good. 

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