Why Do I Share What I Have Learned?

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A while back we talked about my favorite question “Why”. There is a ‘Why’ that I have not shared with you all. Why do I reach out to others? Why do I share the knowledge I have learned? Short answer. Because the world is confusing and every momma needs a hand. 


No one person can learn everything. We each learn from our experiences and then learn from others experiences. If what I have learned over the years about gardening, food, allergies, home toxins, and animal care, can help the next person shorten their learning curve I will. 


We are bombarded with information. We can look up anything we want on our phone in our hand. They call it the information age for a reason. But with all that information, a person can easily become confused. If you look for information, you will find it, and all sides of the topic too. All the information and opinions coming in can easily confuse a person who has the time to sort through it. What momma has time to keep the kids alive, house in order, and sort through the massive amounts of information quickly? I sure didn’t and still don’t. As a farm wife, working mom, then stay home mom, keeper of the house and business books, master of the acreage, I have never had a lot of extra time.


What I have learned has been little bits over my life, through my own experiences, pockets of time for research, and my own trial and error. I have taken what I researched, applied it, tweaked it, figured out what worked practically, and what needed to be adjusted. Depending on the stage of life I was in at the time how deep into the research I was able to dig. Many times the research was an ongoing process, or completed over the course of several years. 


I want to save the next momma the time it took me and give her the jumpstart to her knowledge and an action plan. We're all busy mommas, and we all need a helping hand every now and then. 


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