Is the way you are living reflecting what you say your priorities are?

We have all heard about priorities right? Why are they so important? 

It goes back to life balance. When our priorities are out of alignment, our focus is on things that are not helping us with our balance, but possibly even contributing to the unbalance.  Take some time this week to evaluate your priorities. Do your actions reflect what you say your priorities are? 

I have found it is easy for me to say my priorities are first- God, second- family, third- fun, fourth- business. But do my actions actually reflect that order? Am I daily spending time with God? Am I really putting my family before my work in time spent? I challenge you to be honest with yourself here. 

Write down your priorities, number them. Then go through your day. Is your time reflecting those priorities? This is very difficult if you are a working parent. I’ve been there and the guilt is real. Give yourself grace. Look at the time at home, what is that showing you? Go through your expenses, what categories do they fall in? Are they lining up with your priorities, or are they off balance? 

Going through my day, I don’t always make the quiet time to read and connect to God like I used to. In 2020, I became better at confining work to specific hours, but I still tend to ignore my kids. This year I am scheduling play time with them (I realize I have no idea how to play with them). When we are working around the house, which happens a lot in the summer, am I including them? Or just trying to get the task done? 

Fun? That doesn’t happen much, if I’m honest. I tend to put everything else ahead of fun. Is my work done? No, then you can’t do x,y,z. Truth is I need to make time for fun, even if the work isn’t done yet. Fun is part of life balance and if you are withholding fun, you are out of balance. 

Where are your priorities lining up. 

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