How do you provide the best for your family
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Part of being a parent, whether that is mom or dad, is providing for your family. When kids are involved, the momma bear mentality tends to come out. Why? Because mom’s innately want what is best for their kids. They have the natural drive to protect their kids. That drive to provide the best for their kids, motivates many of their decisions. 

How does that look in our house? I am constantly researching, looking into products to make sure they are actually safe for my kids. Is that bath soap non toxic or is it potentially harming my baby? Is the food I am introducing building their body up, or causing damage to their gut? Many of these research dives have been set off by a question from a friend, an article I read, or a challenge we’ve come up against. 

I have learned to dig into a product before I buy, because the last thing I want is my kids exposed to more toxins in our home. I have hormonal challenges, I want to avoid those challenges for my kids by not flooding their body with products that disrupt their hormones. 

I have learned to carefully select foods that build their guts up, after my son was challenged with food allergies. I have learned the importance of gut health and caring for the gut first to prevent illness and disease. I have learned how I store my food can contaminate it and decrease its nutritional value. 

The regulatory agencies and big companies don’t necessarily have our health in mind when they market products. As a consumer, you have to dig in an analyze ingredients of products, then make the decision if that product is actually safe. Fun fact, In Europe, more than 1,300 chemicals are banned from use in lotions, soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, and other personal care products. Contrast that to in the United States where just 11 are banned.  Why the difference! Because the regulatory agencies function on different principles. 

I want to provide the best I can for my family. What do you want?

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