Apply These 6 Techniques To Improve Finding A Provider That Matches You

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Having a medical provider that matches your lifestyle and goals is imperative for a good long term relationship. Do you expect to live at their office? NO, but having an understanding with your provider on what you expect and your preferred choices will make the times when you need to see them (like with ill children) so much easier. 


#1 Remember you are paying them. They work for you. They may be a professional, but it is called medical practice for a reason. The field is ever changing as new information is discovered. Some providers keep up on this way more than others. If what you are told doesn’t sit quite right, get another opinion. 


#2 Do not walk into the office expecting a fight or disagreement over something. Expecting to be at odds makes everyone tense, and means you should really find someone else. If everyone is tense, no one is doing their best. 


#3 Interview! Remember the ‘they work for you’? If you were to have someone to life coach you, you would interview them, right? Why do we not do this with our medical providers! It is totally ok to shop around! Come up with a list of questions and ask them all. Write the answers down and then compare away from the offices. I did this when I was pregnant with my second. Made a huge difference in the overall pregnancy and birth. 


#4 Research. Yep I said it. Go to google. BUT select your sources wisely and find creditable sources for all sides. If I’m digging deep into research pick You get scientific journal resources, not a random sight. Look at the entire picture, not just pick lines out of the articles. Doctors cannot keep up with everything. Even if you agree with your provider sometimes it is good to ask questions. 


#5 Compare different professionals. There is more than just modern medicine. There are chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, homeopathic, or alternative medicine as well. Depending on what you are dealing, and your personal choices,  with which provider might be best. 


#6 Listen and ask questions. Never stop learning, never stop advocating. If your provider says something that contradicts what they said earlier, ASK about it. If they say something that you don’t agree with ASK about it, politely of course. Just ask for more clarification. Open the door for discussion and education. 


Now you are ready to make the best of your provider relationships and find the one that is right for you. 


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