What does a toxin free life look like?
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Last week I talked about what changes when you to go a toxin free lifestyle. You can read that here. This week I am going to focus on what exactly that looks like in day to day life.
The day to day really doesn’t have to look much different than what it did before. The difference comes in the products you buy and the things you choose to bring into your home. When you shop you will become an expert label reader on all products.
When shopping for personal care products or home cleaning supplies, you avoid things with fragrance or SLS or other words you are unfamiliar with. You can get more information on specific ingredients to avoid here.
You will begin to care about where your food comes from. Some rice actually contain heavy medals from past growing practices. The boxed processed foods you used to buy you find are full of dyes and fillers. Empty calories that fill you up, but don’t feed your body. You realize fresh is truly best for your system and try and grow what food you can.
You begin to avoid anything synthetic. Including dyes, plastics, polyester, etc. You start to do things the old fashioned way. Making your own, going without, or finding alternatives. Glass is king in your home for storage.
You learn how best to support your body from the inside out. With real nutrition. You build your family up and give them what they need to thrive, instead of fighting. You learn how to help the body eliminate the toxins you were exposed to.
Truth is without completely isolating yourself from the modern world, toxins are unavoidable. But minimizing the day to day exposure will help your body detox the exposures. How far you choose to go on the toxin free lifestyle is completely up to you.
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