Common Problems with Horses
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Horses are quite fun to enjoy both for pleasure and work. But as with all animals there are a few common problems and a few people to have in your back pocket for when you need them. 
First off make sure you have a team to help you with your horse. This is not a team that is around all the time, but people you can call when needed. When taking care of your horse at some point you will need a farrier and a veterinarian. Depending on your horse, sometimes a chiropractor can be helpful as well. Some veterinarians are chiropractors. If you’re dealing with a hard keeping or malnourished horse, a nutritionist would be good to have on your team as well. 
These people are ones you want to have established a relationship with, where you trust them, and they trust you. You can converse and they have a general idea about your animals already. You will need a farrier to trim your horses’ feet every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes in the winter you can stretch it out a bit.  
Every year or so your horse will need their teeth floated (filed down) by a veterinarian. By talking with your veterinarian, they can help you determine how frequently this is actually needed. You will also be conversing with your veterinarian about some of the common problems listed below, so make sure to have that number saved in your phone. 
The first common problem many horses will get is a foot abscess or stone bruise. This presents the horse being lame on one leg and the hoof part of it feels hot. These happen from skidding on a hard surface or stepping on a rock usually. Bacteria get into the hoof and an abscess form. For how to treat the abscess, you can read the blog linked here
General lameness is another common problem. This is where the horse is lame on one or more legs, but you are unsure what is the cause. Lameness is a conversation to have with your veterinarian. They may be able to ask you questions to help you narrow down the problem and see if they need to see your horse in clinic. 
Colic. Probably every horse owner’s worst fear. Colic is a general term for gestational upset. This can be as minor as compacted poop that needs shook loose. Or as severe as a twisted gut. You know when your horse has colic when they display one or more of these symptoms: thrashing around on the ground, nipping at their sides, no gut sounds (your ear on their sides should be able to hear something), increased pulse, or increased respiration. Ultimately this is going to require a call to the veterinarian and probably a trip to the clinic. Be clear when you call and have the pulse, temperature, and symptoms ready to tell them. 
With your team of support in place, you will have a wonderful time with your horse. 
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