Overcoming Adversity in Agriculture: A Testament to Faith and Farming
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Agriculture is not merely about the symphony of sowing and reaping—it's about the perseverance that stems from the very pulse of the earth. Young farm couples face many trials, lack of funds, lack of capital, trails that test their faith. 
Bankers and family told us to quit. They told us we shouldn't be doing cattle anymore. They told us to stick to what works, what everyone else is doing. But inside, something told us that wasn't what we should be doing. 
We were running out of options though. We were faced with losing everything we had worked for. But still wanting to keep that dream alive. That desire to be in agriculture. To farm. But we didn't know what to do. 
God brought us to a point of total and complete reliance and surrender to Him. We had to take our hopes, our dreams, our farm. Everything we had built and worked for and literally lay it on His alter. 
Not in a way that said, “please bless this because I want to use this for you.” But in a way that said “You can take this; you can have it all. If this isn't what we're supposed to be doing.” Trusting that He would still provide. That he would give us what we needed and point us in the right direction. 
We both worked on mindset. We started looking for the positives and the miracles of God's provision. We asked every day to be guided by clear open doors or very clearly, shut doors. 
We prepared for our final year of farming. We started selling equipment, anything extra and selling the cows down. We preparing to stop feeding cattle. 
Then something amazing happened. Cattle started showing up. People started calling, started asking if we had room to background calves. We went from virtually empty pins, to almost a full feed lot in a matter of months. We weren't even looking. We weren't trying to fill them, it just happened. God was giving us clear. Open doors to walk through. 
So, we did.
And God provided for us that way for a time. Now we continue to walk through the doors He opens and wait patiently as doors close. 
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