A review of The Tapping Solution
A few years back, I got introduced to this thing called tapping. While I wasn’t keen on the idea of tapping all over my face in public, I was curious about what it could do. 
The basics of tapping is like acupressure where it is targeting specific points in tapping meridians to help release stress emotions, etc. I was a bit skeptical but had heard about it from a couple of different people. I trusted, so I decided to try it for myself.
After I got the hang of it, I learned there were points in your hand that were the same as the ones on your face. This made it much easier for me to do in public as it was less noticeable. 
The first time I tried it was before I started a lot of my gut healing. we were black Friday shopping in Boomgars with three kids and cart to people. Not the best idea ever. I began to feel the anxiety coming on. So, I decided to try this tapping thing.
Hi, my cart with my husband, but kind of zoned out for a little bit as I started tapping on the points in the hand after a couple rounds What was going on instead of panicking this was a cool, I should keep.
Fast-forward to this past year. I’d healed my gut and anxiety was no longer a problem. But I was still having problems managing my stress and bringing my hormones into balance.
Well, running through all the tools and my toolbox one night trying to come up with something that would help me sleep better and decrease the stress in my body, tapping, came to mind again. So, I tried it.  I fell asleep before I got through the entire and when I woke up the next morning it was to the gentle music that was playing in the background tapping meditation. But I slept really well that night.
Over the next few months, I continued to use the tapping every night to help with the stress of daily farm and mom life. I began to see a much bigger difference in my body’s response to balancing.
My adrenals began to come back online, even more than with the supplements alone. And my hormones were starting to balance in optimum ranges, where, before they were bottomed out even with supplements. 
So, is tapping worth it? And is paying for the subscription to the tapping app worth it? Would say 100% yes Would say 100% yes. 
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