Finding Faith Amidst the Fields
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Living on a farm offers a unique glimpse into the wonders of God's creation. We witness the miracle of life daily, from the birth of animals to the growth of crops. But while the farm life is filled with beauty and miracles, it is also fraught with challenges that test our faith.
The Unseen Prayers
We often pray silently while doing housework, tending the garden, or feeding the animals. Yet these silent prayers, though powerful, are rarely seen by our children. Are they catching your faith? Are they learning who to trust when life gets crazy?
Planting Seeds of Faith
Incorporating faith into the daily life of a farm wife doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Sometimes, the simplest acts can sow the seeds of faith in our children's hearts. Here are a few practical ways to weave faith into daily routines:
Short Devotionals: Take five minutes to do a short devotional with your kids. It doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. A brief message can leave a lasting impact. Not Consumed is a fantastic resource, with studies the whole family can participate in. You can find them here.  
Bible App: Turn on the Bible app and listen to a passage over breakfast. This sets a spiritual tone for the day and helps you and your family start the morning with God's word.
Bible Stories: Read a Bible story or a passage together. It's a wonderful way to bond as a family and instill biblical values in your children.
Memorize Verses: Choose a verse to memorize as a family. Recite it together throughout the week and discuss its meaning and application in your lives.
Personal Reflection
Our days are varied and busy, but the one thing I try to keep consistent is time for God's word and prayer. There have been countless times when a storm has wiped out part or all of our harvest or damaged equipment, leaving us feeling helpless. In those moments, we remember that while we can plant and tend to the crops, ultimately, God controls the harvest.
The life of a farm wife is filled with both blessings and burdens. By incorporating faith into our daily routines, we can find strength and peace amidst the challenges. Take a moment each day to plant the fruit of God's word in your children's hearts. It's an investment that will last for eternity.
Together, let's cultivate a life of faith, love, and resilience.
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